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All of Africa’s resources are the birthright of all African people everywhere

Africa, the birthplace of humanity, is the wealthiest continent on the planet, yet African people do not benefit from its resources. For more than 500 years, colonizers and Western imperial interests have raped and exploited Africa to bring wealth to the U.S. and Europe.

The fact is that Africa’s land and resources belong to African people, not to colonizers and Western imperial interests. African people should be the wealthiest people on the planet, instead of living in the poverty and misery that has been imposed on them by colonialism and slavery.

The Uhuru African Liberation Solidarity Campaign calls on all freedom loving people to join with African people to regain control of their land and resources and to end the exploitation of Africa so that Europe and American societies can live in extraordinary wealth.

diamond shovel

Africa and African people should benefit from the tremendous diamond wealth of Africa!

All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds

African people in the diamond-rich regions should be free, prosperous, healthy and in control of their own lives and resources, yet the majority of the population subsists on less than a dollar a day. There is no infrastructure for roads, electricity, education or water purification in much of West Africa. Martial law and military repression prevail under the regimes of U.S. backed neocolonial puppet governments.

All of Africa’s resources are blood resources

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Diamonds are not the only blood resource in Africa. Exploited African oil, coltan, chocolate, bauxite, gold, coffee, platinum, chromium, iron, gas, flowers, agriculture and animals are dripping in the blood of African people, making billions of dollars for Europe and America.

Africa’s stolen resources make up the pedestal of enormous wealth benefiting not only U.S. and European corporations but also the general Western population, which enjoys the highest standard of living in the world.

One Africa! One Nation! The African Socialist International recognizes that the solution for Africa and African people is not charity, “relief,” or integration. African people are struggling to get rid of the imposed colonial borders and unite African people around the world in a single organization to liberate Africa for the benefit of the African working people.

With the vast wealth of Africa, African people everywhere should live long, healthy, prosperous and happy lives