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African Liberation Programs and Campaigns of the African People’s Socialist Party

The African People’s Socialist Party is uniting African people worldwide on many fronts to win back Africa for African people. These and other programs and campaigns of the African People's Socialist Party are supported by your contributions to the African Liberation Solidarity Campaign.

African working people are transforming their realities themselves

development for africa

The All African People's Development and Empowerment Project is developing programs led and coordinated by African working people from throughout the world to transform Africa and African life, and solve the problems of the lack of electricity, water and an economic infrastructure.

Dr. Aisha Fields went to Sierra Leone earlier this year with a contingent of engineers and health care workers. They initiated a water purification project and a clinic. In addition, engineers are working with a community agriculture project in Zimbabwe, where they built a bore hole well this year.
Support these programs and read more at www.DevelopmentForAfrica.org

hands holding diamonds

Return the diamonds to Africa

The people of diamond-rich Africa should not live on 30 cents a day while billions of dollars of diamonds flow into the white world.
Read more at www.APSCUhuru.org

Contribute your diamond to support the programs of the African People's Development and Empowerment Project.

Freedom of the press belongs to those own the press
Burning Spear Media

Burning Spear Media is the voice of the African working class. It creates an infrastructure for African people to speak for themselves, write and tell their own true history and connect with earth other, and organize to transform Africa.

Listen to Uhuru Radio every Sunday 10 am to 5 pm EST.
Read more at www.UhuruNews.com

Touch one! Touch All!
The African Socialist International

African Socialist International

The African Socialist International (ASI) brings African people together into one worldwide organization under the slogan Touch One! Touch All! to destroy the colonial borders that divide Africa and to regain control of Africa's vast natural resources for African people everywhere. The African Socialist International is building for its Founding Congress, which will take place in Senegal in March, 2008.
Read more at www.ASIuhuru.org