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The root cause of the problems facing African people today are 500 years of slavery and colonialism

The forcible transformation of African people into a brutally profitable human commodity gave birth to the wealthy and powerful Western capitalist system. America was born and is maintained on slavery, genocide and colonialism, on land stolen from the Indigenous people.

african american poverty

Africans are one people around the world—in Africa and wherever they have been forcibly dispersed. African people everywhere have the right to return, the right to self-determination, the right to control their own lives and destiny, the right to the benefits of all their own resources in Africa.

Africans in the U.S., Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil or Venezuela are not there because of “immigration.” They are captives kidnapped from Africa as enslaved labor to build white society. African working people everywhere are impoverished and oppressed.

child slave

South America has 140 million African people, and they are the most impoverished people on the continent.

The largest population of African people outside of Africa is in Brazil where 40 percent of all enslaved Africans were taken. African children in Brazil are forced into the labor market as early as age 10 and most African families live in brutal poverty with no education or democracy.

captured slave

Though it won its independence from France two hundred years ago, African people in Haiti are the most impoverished in the hemisphere. In Haiti 78 percent of the people live on less than $2 a day, two thirds have no sanitation, more than half have no clean water source. The popularly elected President Aristide was kidnapped by the U.S. and occupying forces terrorize and imprison the people daily.

slave auction

Africans in the U.S.: The average African household makes about 50 percent of the average white family income, with 91 percent of African people living in poverty sometime during their lives. One million African people are in prison—half of the U.S. prison population—and 3.5 million more are tied to the prison system with discriminatory sentences not usually given to white prisoners.

Neocolonialism: In most countries, including the U.S., where African people have nominal independence they are governed by African neocolonial puppets who do the bidding of white power and live on the crumbs left over from Western exploitation while the people starve.